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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  February 10, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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maryland plans to transfer 100 employees to the new headquarters and told the city of belmont the goal is to add 400 new positions in two years. >> this is good for belmont and great for the peninsula in terms of jobs and great for california. >> sun-edison develops and maintains solar power plants and is still negotiating a lease agreement with the owner of the building. they had no comment on its move to belmont. the company is still trying to secure some from the state. and they did come to the city of belmont to ask for some relief on our kraux fees, development fees and building permit fee autos totalling more than $85,000. the space will be shared with volkswagon. the silicon valley is already
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the high tech company of the world, moving towards becoming the epicenter of the green revolution. mark jake onson is not surprised sun-edison is moving here. >> there are many companies working towards a clean energy future. so this helps to have many companies close to each other because they share ideas. they don't want to compete with each other necessarily. but they do share ideas. >> california continues to struggle with high unemployment rates, the silicon valley seems to be doing better. according to the edd, during 2010, jobs in the area grew more quickly than the rest of the state. >> anything bringing in jobs and increases tax basis is good. on top that have the fact it's, you know, green industry is great. >> so there is something interesting for you. joint venture silicon valley network analyzes growth in the area and they say that from
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2000, to 2006 green jobs grew 41% in silicon valley compared to 17% for the rest of california. >> thank you. >> and there is a new move to increase california's car tax. state senator mark leno has a plan to raise money for local governments through vehicle license fees. nannette miranda explains how it would work and who is lined up against it. local governments have been having a tough time funding services like public safety and social programs. now, state senator mark leno wants to give the authority to raise vehicle his yens fee, better known as car tax to, keep programs going. if it becomes law, two-thirds of the board of supervisors must approve, then a simple majority of voters need to okay it we're just giving a tool to counties they don't
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currently have in the middle of the worst financial crisis in 80 year autos california car owners are temporarily paying a higher car tax to help the state weather the crisis. it's now just over 1% of the vehicle's value. under senator leno's proposal, counties could nearly double the rate up to 2% and keep the difference. say you have a honda accord and pay $230 a year, your county could increase that to $400. republicans are lining up against it. >> we don't need to raise taxes to solve our problems, there are other solutions like making government work better. >> the car tax has been unpopular with californians in, two years, voters rejected both efforts to raise the fees, even if it meant saving state parks. car owners here at this dmv don't like the idea of giving more agencies the authority to raise your vehicle fee. >> no. i don't think so.
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they need to keep it lower. because we can't afford it all. >> i don't agree and i'd go to any length toj stop it senator leno believes residents should be able to tax themselves to provide services they want n sacramento abc 7 news. >> governor brown is in southern california tonight, his first trip away from the state capitol since taking office. today he spoke to business leaders about the budget rescue plan. brown proposed a mix of spending cuts and hikes to trim the $24.5 billion deficit. he wants a special election in june to ask voters to extend current tax hikes by five years. >> i'm just trying to create a democratic process by which the people can decide. it's going to be up to them. i'll carry out whatever is done. >> and by the way brown traveled to burbank today on southwest airlines with little or no security, stood in line with everyone else, sat next to a state corrections worker
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chatting during the flight about prison reform. >> silicon valley high tech firms are being accused of not hiring enough minorities. and david louie has a look at numbers and one major player was used to participate. three nonprofit groups targeted google because it wouldn't provide a breakdown of the work force. >> only way to solve the problem is finding out what is your employment? what is your diversity? then, we can figure out are you serving the community? >> 12 out of 34 high-tech companies did respond. and the numbers indicate african americans only 3% of workers making up 7% of the state population, latinos making up 4% of the work force. and companies reported half of the work force was asian-american making up 20% of the bay area population. professor and director of ethnic studies says it appears
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foreign workers were aggregated with asian american autos these are high tech workers typically from china and india into the u.s. born sample that. is in ways misleading. this report is focusing on hiring of u.s. workers. domestic workers. that becomes a problem. >> findings bolster efforts by leaders to train and recruit more workers. shelly is ceo of met trick stream in palo alto. we interviewed her from washington, d.c.. >> we're leaders in many ways. whether it's just supporting or when it comes to harnessing the knowledge, the skills, the create activity coming from a broad-based of people that we're not leaders when it comes to building diverse teams. >> google saying diversity of ideas and cultures mean better products for users. that is why there is an
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inclusive work environment. all three groups behind the study are based outside of the bay area. in mountain view, abc 7 money scope. >> oakland police are investigating the sexual assault of a 7-year-old boy in a boys and girls club. the investigation began after police were called to a hospital last night, investigators say the boy was sexual assaulted by other boys in a bathroom inside of the club on international boulevard. news has stunned official was the boys and girls club. >> no one noticed a dmid distress? you know it's what we do. and the young person i learned just joined our club on the third of the month. so even new members are family members. we'll be reaching out to the family. >> police say there are at least three suspects in this case and all are believed to be under 12 years of age. a san francisco man will stand trial on charges of beating a catholic priest. william lynch is accused of
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attacking father lindner in los gatos. today a judge decided there was evidence to try him. lynch says the priest sexually abused him and his brother 35 years ago. the church did pay more than $600,000 to the brothers. prosecutors say the trial will not be about what did, or did not happen in the past. >> this case is actually about the fact that father lindner was beaten by the defendant z no that is what the jury is going to be deciding. >> and defense attorney mark geragos disagrees and dared the prosecutors to put him on the stand. >> i will make a bold prediction. i don't think this guy will take the stand. i don't think he's got the gots. a coward just retreating into just his church-sponsored anonymity here. we plant on putting an end to that. >> yesterday's preliminary hearing the judge blocked the attempt to have father lindner
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testify. >> first, interim mayor, now, a political guessing game is who is going to be the new police chief? the former chief suddenly quit last month to take another high-profile job in the city. one of the people who wants the job as chief comes as a surprise. carolyn? >> we've learned that 75 people from around the country have applied to lead san francisco's police department. and this is including the interim chief. this was a stunner when george gasdon gave up his job to become the city d.a.. his friend became interim chief. now, he wants to keep the post yes, i filled out the paper work he has served about a year and a half. and the police officer association is in the
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department not an outsider run things. >> i think it's important that we have someone who has a good sense of the history of the department so they'll know what worked and what needs to be changed. >> those we know have applied include veteran captains greg sur, and dennis o'leary. tony riviera was chief from 1992 to 96, is now a criminal justice expert. he believes an insider is key. >> we have a quality department. i don't think we need to shake things up. i think what we need is pro active leadership. >> the commission is on the fast track, already whittling the list from 75 to 24. >> at this point the reality is limiting our choices. this person can be a ten or 11 month chief because a new mayor is going to come.
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that person might want to select someone different. >> the current interim mayor will choose from three finalists and says he's looking for someone like the former chief, gascone. >> i want someone with a strong police command presence and respected troops on the streets. did he do that. >> as a former mayor and former police chief, frank jordan offers a unique perspective. >> have you to work very well with the mayor and board because you're going to have to be convincing them why you need the budget that you need. >> right now members of the community are weighing in at the irish cultural center, the first of three hearings in city neighborhoods. abc 7 news is there, we'll have a report tonight at 11:00. >> thank you. >> still coming up tonight a story only on 7. a mother's call for improved safety for surfers. and environmental restrictions
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standing in the way. >> and new assignments facing barry bonds and why more than half of the charges against him have been dropped. >> a building comes alive. now it's becoming the most modern terminal in the country. >> and everything goes [ male announcer ] eakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a new development tonight in the up coming trial of barry bonds. the charges against him cut
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after a judge excluded key evidence in the case. prosecutors dropped six counts of making false statements to a federal grand jury about using steroids. bonds now faces only four counts of lying to the grand jury and one count of obstructing justice. each of the counts carries a possibility of ten years in prison. bonds pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to stand trial march 21. along the san mateo county coast surfers are hoping a serious accident may make them safer. they're pushing for improved rescue capabilities. wayne freedman reports on what they want and why there is so much resistance. >> it's the case of a near-death giving an issue new life and multiple voices. >> waits a miracle what happened with jake. >> that is debbie tready, mother of jake, the surfer who nearly drowned in a big wave january 22. he's alive today because a
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photographer on a jet ski saved his life. an illegal jet ski, that is the rub among surfers around here. >> there should be someone out there when there is a big wave out there. >> but now, catch 22 because the break is part of the gulf of the farallons national marine sanctuary. it's illegal to operate with two exceptions. other a designated high surf day or if involved in a rescue. january 22 was not one of the days. >> you can't be in a position to rescue unless you're there. but you're breaking the law to be in position to rescue. how do you justify that? >> you're not in danger if you don't go into dangerous wave autos today, the council got an earful from local surfers and environmentalists who hope for a compromise. the committee takes a position it's business is conservation, not rescue. surfers want a certified roll volunteer force to keep jet
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geeskies out of the water. >> if this red tape waste of time seems like come on, everybody. just get it together. >> recognizing what your limitations are and your taking a risk. also has to be factored in. we're trying to be reasonable about this. >> reasonable in that they're talking and apparently listening. >> we wanted them to open up and say the word volunteer. we want to organize a team we have. but we want it to be legit. >> there is no timetable for a next step. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> those waves are incredible. >> they are. >> and more cold weather with rain on the way. >> it's almost a shame to see the weather winding down but it's been dry so long we welcome rain there. is a live view from our mount tam camera. sky has a after
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glow and you can see few thin, high clouds around. there are clear skies now and mild again today and there is high temperatures 68 degrees in santa rosa and santa cruz. low to mid-60s in virtually every other location. mild weather with us and will be winding down soon. now we're looking at readings of 61 degrees in san rafael z all other locations reporting temperatures into 50s, we can expect two more cold nights coming our way with mild afternoons through sunday and then, rainy pattern setting in for next week. how cold tonight? pretty cold into north bay valleys, lows of 28 in santa rosa and there is going south ward, 35 will be the high. two locations reporting lows into 40s will be oakland and san francisco. not reporting yet of course. lows haven't happened yet. there is a large ridge of high
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pressure still the main feature of the weather picture this, will bring us more mild afternoons and dry conditions throughout the weekend. but changes are coming up. they're getting near. rain arriving on monday, first rain and we'll have a wet rainy pattern. arriving in time for valentine's day. and forecast animation we can expect rain to start pushing into the bay area by early to mid morning and by afternoon will have spread to most regions of the bay area. that will be the first wave of wet weather that will start a week of it as a matter of fact. tomorrow, no wet weather in sight. more mild weather, sunny skies and 69 degrees in campbell and saratoga and san jose upper 60s on the peninsula. highs of 68 in redwood city. mid-60s on the coast. and we'll see mid-60s in and around san francisco.
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and there is north bay highs upper 60s, and 68 santa rosa. and 70 in yu kaia. near east bay highs near to upper 60s, inland east bay low to mid-60s, 66 in concord and near monterey bay lots of 70s, 70 in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild weather starts to wind down sunday, rain monday, and valentine's day, periods of rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday. by next week, we'll probably be saying when is it going to dry out? and warm up again? >> next from 7 on your side, credit cards and your privacy. >> why california merchants can no longer ask you for your zip code. stay with us.
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consumer news a major privacy ruling from the california supreme court. >> this affects all of use consumer world ends above. yeah everybody is e mailing from now on, retail stores are not allowed to ask for a customer zip code part of a credit card transaction. the court ruled in favor of a
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yims-sonoma customer. they used the zip code to track down the woman's address along with those of millions of others and then, sent them mailers and catalogs. the court ruled a zip code is personal identification information and thus requesting and reportedding a card holder's zip code violates the credit card act. consumer groups are calling this a major victory for privacy and for common sense. there could be a relief for thousands of californians facing foreclosures. the state launched a $2 billion program called keep your home, california. the program provides up to $3,000 per month to help make payments that also offers money to assist with short sales. as many as 100,000 homeowners could be helped. >> with more than 1300 foreclosures occurring in california, every day for the
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last 1,000 days the money that california housing finance agency received is like manna from heaven. >> now there is a catch. getting the lenders on board. only one major bank is cooperating. gmac. two big lenders, fannie mae and freddie mac have not signed on. a study is accusing google of accepting too many ads designed to cheat distressed homeowners out of their man. consumer watch dog called to investigate the ad policies. it demanded google be made more vigilant in its ad screening and wants money generated by deceptive ad to be donated. >> we think google is either turning us -- it's heading the other way, and because they know there is a big revenue stream in this. or they're being unbelievably negligent.
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>> google tells 7 on your side it's engaged in a continuing wattel with bad actors who try to promote scams. not only bans individual ads and advertisers from appearing google says it takes legal action against those that are repeat offender autos uprising in egypt and a major disappointment for democracy demonstrators. you'll hear from a number of people there as it unfolded. >> and local news airport upgrade transforming this terminal at san francisco international airport into the most modern in the country. >> i can see my friends. we can have fun. >> and dreams of a coastal mecca for developmentally disablededededededededededededed
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major disappoint nmt tahrir square in cairo. egypt's president announced he'll relinquish some of the presidential power buzz without leaving office. >> he had widely been expected to resign today. just 90 minutes ago president obama issued a statement urging him to clear up the confusion. many remain unconvinced the government is -- adding its responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people and the world. mark matthews is here with the rest of the story. >> got a chance to talk to the ambassador to the united nations who just happened to be visiting san francisco on a day where most of the world thought hosni mubarak would be stepping down. >> defiantly he announced the 30 year rule will continue
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until september. the 82-year-old announced this decision after keeping the country and world waiting much of the day n san francisco, this egyptian born professor couldn't believe what she's hearing. >> what? >> she was in her office at sf state, watching what she thought would be the end of mubarak's reign. >> not what i expected. >> obviously disappointed what struck her is that he seemed to be blaming outsiders. >> why did he keep referring to pressure from outside? he said that several times. >> as he spoke the crowd in tahrir square chanted leave, leave". there had been signs in cairo he would step down. and an army general took the stage announcing all demands will be met. it ends tonight. it was clear negotiations were taking place behind the scenes
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in michigan, president obama told a university audience... >> we're witnessing history unfold. >> the president has not called on mubarak to step down immediately, has not threatened to withhold more than a billion in u.s. aid. i asked the u.s. ambassador to the united nations if those steps might be considered. >> let's take a look at this from macro perspective. we have interests in the orderly and prompt transition to a real democracy that is lasting and irreversible. >> ambassador rice says she did not feel he was talking about the united states when referring to outside forces, asked if the speech made pressure from outside now more problematic, she said that is too simple. >> the end of the day he's going to have to chart a course and people of egypt goring to have to chart a course driven from their internal needs, and
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requirement autos tomorrow, friday, adding forces are calling for $20 million people to take to the streets across egypt. a massive labor strike. and a sf state professor's parents are doctors and she says the country is ready to go on strike. >> pressure is rising. >> it does. >> when doctor goes on strike you've got a problem. >> yes. >> thank you. >> money scope headlines. a possible takeover of twitter. "wall street journal" reports facebook, google and others held talks with twitter. the san francisco-based site, twitter has not turned a profit but valued at $8 billion to $10 billion. yahoo announced plans to create what it calls a digital news stand called live stand. and it's an attempt to draw more advertising away from print and broadcast media. and cisco drove the stock market down today. the dow fell 10 points on the day.
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shares dropped almost 15% after reporting weak earnings and a big decline in sales to agencies. >> san francisco irport's old terminal two is new, once again. the former international terminal is set to reopen in two months. abc 7 takes a look around for us. >> you still have to use your imagination but sfo's new terminal two is supposed to be a relaxing space whit opens april 14th. >> airport environment if you're comfortable and relaxed, you're in a safer environment. easier to identify threats when population is relaxed. >> there is an emphasis on sustainibility. reduration stations for rebill -- refilling water bottles. >> there is another feature demonstrating how progressive sit, a baby changing table in the men's room.
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there are two childrens' play areas. the business traveler can work alongside the kids at ample work desks and gate seating areas have plug in outlets. security screening has a removeable floor to accommodate the tsa changing equipment needs. >> constantly what have you to do with tsa, they will not commit to the final layout until six months before being open. >> wow. >> and now? you're two months away? they've committed. >> there is 14 gates, virgin america will split them with american airlines. the ceo promises it will use them all growing from its current 35 flights to 70 in a few years. >> the magic number about 70 is that there are seven gates here, 10 flights out of each gate that. talks about how much we can grow. >> this exterior clouds mural is done. a free public open house is
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planned for april 9th. >> coming up next, people are making waves tonight over development plans on the county coast. >> why critics are resisting q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q
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normally reporting on big waves at half moon bay it's news about the surfer safety. but tonight interest is a
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development proposeal making big waves to build affordable housing for developmentally disabled and a big office complex to help cover costs of that. it's an idea dividing a normally peaceful community. on sunny weekends this little town of princeton by the sea is crowded with tourists. they come for seafood and scenery. to be near the spot where giant waves draw surfers from around the world. live on the coast is ideal. but not if you're a young adult with a developmental disability. >> lack of jobs and lack of affordable housing and lack of care when parents get old and die. >> jeff peck's 22-year-old daughter is autistic. he's a coach on her special olympics team. many young adults have grown up together. >> my older son patrick. he's almost 25. >> most team members still live with their families and many eager to move out.
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>> be away from my dad for one. just so i can see all of my friends and we can have fun. >> great dreams but there is almost no housing for people with developmental disabilities. so jeff peck who happens to be a contractor decided to build some. >> i live-work community going to be a place for a gym, dining room. for educational programs for those with developmental disibilities. >> jeff and a partner own this property and want to turn it into a big wave wellness center. a model community for 57 disabled adults and care takers promising green buildings, an organic farm and 80 jobs for disabled them, then, they want to build a commercial office park next door. >> a vibrant center of commerce creating more jobs for the center. >> the polls show the size of
6:41 pm
the buildings. >> three story buildings in the back. two story buildings in the front. >> but plans being blaftd by a line of critics saying they want to help but this is just too big. lenny roberts with a committee for green foot hills has been tracking development 30 years. >> this is a largest project by far. 225,000 square feet of office space doubles amount of commercial and office space on the coast south of pacifica. >> you can see the fields where big wave wellness center would be. opponents say the development would violate zoning rules, too close to the airport, and would bring too much traffic to narrow roads. there is a mobile home park just north and their homeowners association is fighting this plan. >> their buildings are grossly out of scale with surroundings. they're going to rise in the middle of this open space. >> supporters and critics of
6:42 pm
the project disagree on virtually every point. the county planning commission sided with developers voting to okay the project. now, opponents including sierra club and surf riders foundation are appealing to the full board. the appeal says the report was not adequate. a big concern is a sensitive wetlands that used to extend but now stops at the edge. >> wetlands are valuable areas and there are very few left. >> developers say they'll restore the wetlands on 40% of the property. yikts believe it would come back better fit was smaller. and two sides fight it out, the clock is ticking. people who want to live in the big wave center. >> i would love to be here. with her, all her life. we don't know when we're leaving. we need to have a sense of security, for her. >> opponents suggest it would be faster and cheaper to set
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up a group home in mobile homes for sale next door but big wave supporters say they want to build a whole community not just housing. we have links to both sides of the issue at abc 7 >> coming up next, a reviveal of the arts at school. and how they're making a big difference in the lives of yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo
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the verizon iphone went on sale today and look at what happened at this snore san francisco after standing in line to two hours, first customers were greeted by applause from employees. generally speaking lines were not that long in most places due to winter weather and the fact that verizon began taking preorders last week. verizon did not release sales figures but say it expected record sales. >> the san francisco arts, education project is giving young people a chance to shine on stage.
6:47 pm
this weekend they're performing the music of cole porter. and don sanchez takes us to a rehearsal. >> in a singing and dancing review called "everything goes". they're performers in arts education project bringing experience of live musical theater and expands possibility autos helps me learn how to speak in front of a bunch of people and how to sing, more about music. >> jackson and his younger brother share the stage. their father calls it a life changer. >> they actually behave. they're more open and outward. san francisco arts ed is part of a program from 1965.
6:48 pm
now this expanded to summer programs with artists teaching them something american. >> that is a powerful thing to have them perform so they learn that music and begin to contact with what this form is. and this is a confidence builder,. >> if there is a solo it makes me feel, like special miff voice and like, what very. >> having the chance to express your swefl out being afraid of what other people will think of you is amazing. >> this requires dedication, rehesals twice a week after school, six hours saturday but it's igniting flames of create activity foremost. >> she gets to see what she can create when she works hard. >> they give their all on stage this weekend. in san francisco abc 7 news.
6:49 pm
>> what stage presence they v everything goes plays saturday and sunday at 2:00 p.m. in the eureka theater on jackson street. >> looks like fun and good for them. >> something about to happen here called winter. >> rain finally on the way. >> there is, it wasn't here today. there is a time lapse view from our camera. showing a very beautiful sunset. just had thin, high clouds adding lots of color to the 5:43 p.m. sunset. taking a look today, rainfall percentages we're beginning to fail right now in the south bay. so there is the snow pack it's pretty much above normal most of the sierra range. taking a look at snow pack at the weekend forecast for tahoe.
6:50 pm
it will be sunny and mild around the weekend and into next week. the rain leaves here, it will move into that direction. here is our accu-weather forecast. there are more sunny days and mild afternoons through sunday. and there is periods of rain throughout the week and there is some winter like weather arriving. >> a gorgeous day at pebble beach today. >> yes. >> and there is where you can see rain monday and sunny through sunday. you couldn't ask for more. ideal from around round one of the pebble beach national p pr. o am. >> and bill murray sits where he wants. you've heard of a lag plus? this is a drag plus, not legal. saints quarterback drew brees on hand. there is shot of the day
6:51 pm
michael glenn, there is a hole in one. and i mentioned weather. waves are bothering me. phil mickelson, putting was bothering him. this stanford grad whark a day. three under 69. tied for 12. four shots back of the leader playing spy glass hill. the approach today to set up birdie. >> and d.a.points share the lead at seven under 656789 points played monterey. that is why he's at 63. there is a two-time defending champion with a 71 as did phil mickelson. bill murray is in second place at 11 under. matt cane's squad tied for fifth at nine under.
6:52 pm
and there is eight under. on the next murray there is a hole in one. going, going, gone. top three players in the world, tough day for tiger until 18. and there is a eagle put. and shocker from nba. utah jazz coach jerry sloon steps down in the middle of the season. sloon has been coaching 23 years, third all time in wins. the 68-year-old says its just time to move on. he doesn't have energy to coach anymore. there was a suggestion the point guard and he weren't getting along. and now this is great. this is hilarious video from landri fields. the rookie out of stand ford
6:53 pm
starting for the knicks. he dresses up as a character leroy jenkins employee of the month trying to get customers to buy his jersey. >> number six right there? >> no. i'm not a basketball fan. >> what? what? >> i have new hot knicks gear? number six. all, i know. i feel you. i had a girl, too. she ruined my life. i got a cutie pie named landry fields hottest rookie in the game. you want one of these? >> go ahead. >> there. >> oh. >> he walks off. work on your skills. nobody knew who he was. >> did he sell one? >> i don't know if he sold anything. >> he was rejecting everybody.
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and i think they're coming. >> whatever you can stay
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connected 24-7 at abc 7 >> and if you finish online join me tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13, coming up. >> main abalone with caramel mousse. >> what celebrities are eating at pebble beecht place dubs itself home he of the last honest pizza runs into money problems. its coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> we'll see you then. but that is this edition of abc 7 news for now. >> from all of us, thanks for joining us. >> have a good night.
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